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February 01, 2010


Dominic Sirianni

Damn - what was the original injury?


It wasn't an injury per se, it was the increasing inflexibility in certain ranges of my shoulders (as in where the hands and shoulders go when you have the bar racked on your back in the back squat). It was able to ignore it for a long time, but I stopped regularly backsquatting because of it, and used my safety squat bar instead of addressing the issue.

Eventually I couldn't rack the bar without a lot of pain. So I backed up and worked on flexibility and mobility for a long time with little results, until I started doing it damn near every day.

Dominic Sirianni

Got it. Basically it hurt to pull the elbows back and get that shelf on your back. Congrats on moving forward.


Hi I have a couple of backsquat issues as well and have been advised to strengthen my rhomboids , I have been doing inverted rows for this , just wondering what strengthening work you have been doing for the Rhomboids

Mike Robertson

Very cool to hear this Steve. Best of luck with your back squats going forward!

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