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July 21, 2008



For what it is worth, Frank Zane said if there was 1 thing he could go back and do differently it would be to not go so heavy and do more volume. Look how good he looks in his 60s!

He thinks the heavy work is what made him so beat up today.

Consider the DC style of training Nick, I really think you will like it. I am going back to it.


Nick McKinless

The problem is that volume puts on too much size Rick. The DC stuff is meant for hypertrophy more than anything. I'm using the 'equipment' more as prevention than to lift heavy weights although I know I will of course. I will watch your progress with interest though my friend.



Nick, I was just checking out your credits list. Very impressive! What part did you play in Troy? Great movie. I'll have to watch again for you!


Don't know how much experience you have w. equipment Shaf, but you might consider just buying a reasonably sized Inzer Champion squat suit (cheapest one they have w. generous leg openings). It will give you some hip support and with the straps will actually be easier to put on than those briefs.

Nick McKinless

Wrong log! Shaf has his own log called Shaf's corner. I actually do have a suit as well...thanks!


Nike Sko På Nett

Se svart / lilla versjonen, skolisser og fôr er rosa / blå / lilla og hvit kamuflasje design, for eksempel stjerne holder en måned generelt, svart lær overdeler markere grasiøs sjarm, elegante sjarm av fantasi.

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