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May 09, 2007


Steve Gardener

Ahh Arnold. I have to say he was the first bodybuilder to make an impression on me. Over the years there have been many: Bertil Fox, Mike Menzter, the Barbarian Twins and many more. But Arnold has, like Lee, become more of an Icon, more than a bodybuilder.

For me now I seem to favour the more out there it is the more I like it. If it's strongman it's the strongest, if it's powerlifting it's some superheavy with a nose bleed squat that inspires me. It needs to be almost insane level madness because I want my own strength to be on that level.

Arnold and Lee both were out there in their time and made the same impression on many as they did on me then - but now...? Now for me they are to be admired as trendsetters, the first of the few and occasionally I'll see a photo that shows just how good they were (back shot of Arnold taken by Butler as he walked down a cliff face set of steps and in Butlers book shows an ungodly back shot). I'm not looking for the next bigger, stronger freak of nature - whether another Arnold or Lee is out there - I don't know.


Arnold has gotten no small amount of grief for his legs over the years. But, I have seen some shots of him "displaying" his legs to an advantage, and they are certainly as good as anyone elses of that era. Maybe not the biggest, but certainly not small.

Arnie had an interesting build and/or physique. In some shots (as in the clip you presented) he looks very big and impressive and it is easy to see why he was the best of the best. In other shots, particularly in an "off season" mode, but in his prime, he looks very tall and lanky (albiet muscular) and not so big and beefy. That may be due to the way he cycled his training and/or any "assistance" he may have been using at the time, which was obviously a lot less than modern bodybuilders.

Anyhow, good luck on the new blog, and I am looking forward to reading it regulalry.


The first book I bought on strength training/bodybuilding was Arnold's Encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

The pictures in this book are inspiring. Arnold's biography is inspiring (he lifted in his garage in cold winter). And his physique: well i prefer the physique he had, than Coleman's or Cutler's.

Comparing Arnold with Bruce is like comparing two different things.

Arnold can be admired for his perseverance (he made it in hollywood & i'm sure he'll be president one day) & his physique.

Bruce to me, is more a philosophy. I get more inspired by his discipline & his power development. his books are great reads.

Nick McKinless

I agree Bruce is more about philosophy. The idea with this article is to compare their iconic status using all the assets each man possesses from their physical to their emotional. Stay tuned for more...great comments guys!


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Great Arnold. Beautiful and strong bi shapes. I like it. I see this video and enjoy. I never see such healthy body and strong bi-shape. Thanks for sharing this one.

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