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September 02, 2008


Coach Sommer


Great back lever photo! And thank you for the kind words. I'm pleased that you have found the website helpful.

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Sommer

P.S. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. I have two small daughters myself.

Nick McKinless

Nice work Bolo!


Theo Burggraaff

Thanks Nick.. (I guess..)... How about some shots of your luscious body :p

Coach, I sure found and still find your website a great resource! Hope that the book is coming along because I am sure gonna buy one!


Nick McKinless

It is coming along Theo. I know a certain other Beyond Strong Blogger who is writing one too. I hope to have mine out early next year. It will be self published and will be a proper book, not an E-book. Keep up the good work Pops!



I use the nike handles which are like paralettes but shorter and not as high I guess, fun to practise l-seats on them.

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