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June 13, 2007



Good read Theo!

KIT Fasano

This was a good interview. Isn't he great?


He is a freak among freaks. One cool guy too. He could possibly beat Marisuz some day.


If it werent for steroids and growth hormone; u would be 6'1 180lbs again. The gains u have now, won't last. So u better enjoy ur artificial bulk and strength now because once u quit juicing for good; its time to shrink.....


Anybody can lift alot of weight on steroids and growth hormone. That's isnt anything to be proud of. Hey Kevin, I bet you couldn't deadllift 600lbs naturally without ever touching a steroid or growth hormone. Lazy people take drugs, thats the easy way out for temporary, artificial gains!


dude. every one in WSM takes steroids. its common knowledge.


Yep everybody takes steroids in WSM. I don't see why people idolize these guys. Anybody can lift alot of weight on drugs. Now if these guys were all natural and had never taken a steroid in their lives; I would have more respect for the sport. I see many guys and girls nowadays on steroids. It makes me sick. I have been lifting for 22yrs now and have never taken a steroid or growth hormone in my life. My physique is legit, and my muscles wont disappear like a juicer's would once they quit taking that stuff for good. People on steroids can get my size quick by taking drugs and lifting light. It took me 22yrs to get where I am at today. By the way, I am 6'1 248lbs.--and no its not fat.


Thank goodness for steroids or else no one would have ever heard of him. Like all professional strongman, Nee relied on lots of steroids to get where is.....that is an objective fact.

Only a simpleton will argue that Nee doesn't take steroids.

Mike Simms

Like every other young juicer he is not even 30 and he is pretty much done! Guys like Big Z have longevity in the sport because they are true strongmen, they may also use but their talent is the main reason they are strong. Guys like Nee and Lillibridge are purely made by Steroids. If you disagree you are WRONG!!!

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